Mayors for a Day

On Monday March 27th two Whitecourt youth got an interesting opportunity to shadow Whitecourt Mayor Maryann Chichak as part of the Towns "Mayor For A Day" initiative.

Ashleigh and Darnell attended the Police meeting, Economic Development Committee, Youth Advisory Committee and the evening’s regular meeting of Council.
Mayor Chichak says they had quite the day and she hopes it was enjoyable and educational.

Chichak said she’s impressed with the level of engagement from the youth in the community, adding that she doesn't see this level of interest from most adults.
She said opening the political process to young people in our community is important because it's their home too.

Both Ashleigh and Darnell had a moment to address attendees and councillors at the meeting on Monday night and they shared their favourite and least favourite parts of the day.
They seemed to be in agreement that some areas, particularly concerning economic development, weren’t as lively as other parts of the job, but both of them said they learned lots.
Unfortunately neither was able to negotiate a zero percent tax increase into this year’s budget, perhaps next year?

(Nick Boykiw- March 28 2017, 12:25 p.m.)

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