Standing Up in Court for Alberta's Pipelines

During the Speech from the Throne last week, the NDP government stated they want to keep lobbying for the Energy East Pipeline all-the-while taking care of whatever legal battles arise from the Trans Mountain project.

There has been plenty of talk of protest from environmental groups, First Nations and Municipalities. 

Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd says the Province has been working through these projects with the climate in mind, and are willing to stand up in court to say so.

According to McCuaig-Boyd “intervener status” will aid the Provincial Government if they need to defend the pipelines in court.

McCuaig-Boyd says the US has been the largest exporter of Alberta's oil products, but now they're also one of Canada’s largest competitors.  This is why she says it's important to get product to Canadian tidewater to open up other international markets.

In a release from the Official Opposition Wildrose party, critics said there was no mention of the Keystone XL pipeline, which they argue "would bring significant economic benefits for Albertans."

In regards to the Throne Speech on the whole, the release said it was "more of the same tired and failed economic agenda."
(Nick Boykiw- March 6 2017, 10:22am)

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