Community Profile: Community Lunch Box Society

The Community Lunch Box Society (CLBS) in Whitecourt has been around for about 10 years. In that time, they've managed to set up programs that are helping to end the stigma of not having enough to eat.

Lunch Box Community Liaison Jolene Feist says young people learn and grow best when their bodies are getting the nutrition they need. Feist says the Community Lunch Box Program allows everyone to reach those levels!

It's important to mention those statistics are all from the 2015-2016 school year alone, not overall. 
Feist says they are now looking at creating a blueprint of the program to bring to other communities to see if it's something they'd like to incorporate.

The CLBS isn’t government funded. According to Feist, the main sources of income for the organization are bottle collection and their "Volunteer Celebration Night" fundraiser. 
A single grant was awarded to the society from the Community Facility Enhancement Program. Money from that grant went towards constructing their new bottle sorting facility.

The community is very supportive of the CLBS with businesses allowing bottle receptacles in their establishments, or donating bags of refundable recyclables.
These empties are taken back to HQ and sorted through by a dedicated team of employees and volunteers.
Feist says some of these individuals may not otherwise be given a shot in the working world.

Feist says creating a "culture of kindness" is everyone’s responsibility and the Community Lunch Box is just there to help facilitate that.

(Nick Boykiw- March 3 2017, 9:34am)

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