Town Extends Contract For Auto Traffic Enforcement

Whitecourt town council voted unanimously Monday night to extend the automated traffic enforcement contract with Global Traffic Group for another 2 years. 

The group also presented several new traffic enforcement techniques the town could buy into.
There was an option to upgrade some services, such as traffic cone cameras for construction zones, integrated streetlight cameras and even an automated system to nab distracted drivers.
But, for now, Whitecourt Mayor Maryann Chichak says it will all stay the same.

Of course, auto-enforcement has its critics, but to them, Whitecourt Mayor Maryann Chichak says if you broke the law, you should pay the fine. Plain and simple.

Mayor Chichak says in the seven years the automated traffic enforcement program has been in place the number of speeding infractions doled out has decreased significantly. According to town data last year 11 309 tickets were handed out, down from 27 296 in 2011.

In those same documents obtained from the Town, it states budgeted revenue from the automated traffic enforcement in 2016 was $884,000.
Of that money, $663,000 goes to the Safe Community Initiative and $221,000 to Future Community Projects. 

The Safe Community Initiative was created in 2010 to ensure all elements of the automated traffic enforcement program focused primarily on community safety initiatives.  (Not for general revenue or to subsidize operations)

2017 projects funded through the Safe Community Initiative include:

-Hospice  $300,000 
-GreenTRIP Transit  $399,013
-Victim Services  $26,435
-Block Party Program  $3,500
-COPS Program  $3,000
-Community Enhancement Grant  $30,000
-FCSS Grant Program  $50,000
-Regimental Ball Subsidy  $4,500
-Community Policing  $88,788
-Ice Rescue Suits  $4,488
-AFRACS Police Radios  $27,150
-Swim to Survive  $10,000
-Emergency Backup Generator & Storage  $29,088
-Emergency Bags  $10,000
-Mountain Bike  $9,225
-Foundation Starter Funds  $10,000
-Rotary Washrooms  $435,000
-Community Crosswalk Program  $10,000
-PARTY Program  $10,000
-Roads – Radar Signs  $4,000
-Roads – Speed Notice Sign  $10,000
-Arts & Craft Centre Flooring  $10,000
-Arts & Culture Programs  $24,000
-Percy Baxter Arena Upgrades  $21,000

(Nick Boykiw- March 2 2017, 12:33pm)

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