Fasten Your Seatbelt!

In 2011 95.1% of Albertans were using their seatbelts, according to stats from Alberta Transportation.
Constable Mike Hibbs of Alberta RCMP Traffic Services says that number should be at 100%.
Hibbs says everyone should be wearing their seatbelt and children a certain age and weight MUST ride in a safety seat.

Installing a child safety seat in a vehicle can be challenging and there are regulations that govern correct installation, even fines that can be handed out if the seat isn't put in properly, according to Hibbs.
Hibbs says there are demonstrations offered by public health nurses or other qualified individuals that will guide you through the proper installation to avoid unwanted fines.

He says, as a driver, you’ll be held responsible for anyone in the car, younger than 16, not properly restrained.

The driver could face a fine of $155 if a seat belt is not being worn or a child safety seat is not being used.
In 2016 Integrated Traffic Units gave out 10 502 tickets to drivers and passengers for not wearing their seatbelts.

(Nick Boykiw- March 2 2017, 11:55am)

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