Local Chamber Petitioning Against Carbon Tax

This past week, the Whitecourt and District Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously to take up arms against the Carbon Levy in the form of a petition passed on by the Brooks Chamber of Commerce and the Carbon Tax Referendum Society

Chamber president Rand Richards says they have clout when lobbying the government on behalf of the business community. In this instance, Richards says collectively they're representing around 3000 business owners and over 100 thousand affected individuals.
Richards says Whitecourt and area businesses are struggling to strike a balance with this new tax.

She says they understand the value of preserving the environment, but they're struggling, and adding taxation legislation is making it harder for businesses to stay around.

One of the main concerns was the fact that this is year one of the tax which is set to increase in 2018.
In an effort to off set the costs for small businesses, the Alberta government reduced the small business corporate tax rate to 2 percent as of January 1st 2017. 
They predict this reduction will save small business owners $185 million collectively in the next two years.
Richards says anyone from the community can sign the petition, there's one available at the Whitecourt and District Chamber offices OR at various businesses around the town and county.
You can also email this address for you OWN petition if you'd like to get involved: petition@carbontaxreferendum.ca

(Nick Boykiw- February 13 2017, 5:31am)


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