Nick Boykiw


“Hometown” is a funny one for me… I was BORN in what’s now a suburb of Ottawa. But I’ve moved around SO MUCH as a kid/teen/young adult (I even lived in Australia for 3 years) I don’t really have a hometown… CANADA is my home!
What do you like best about your job?
I’m all about community involvement and volunteering, so it’s great to have a job that requires me to be an active member of the community! 
Who is your hero or role model?
 Maybe this is a bit cliché, but I’d say: my siblings! My older sister travelled around the world, went to college AND university and is now forging a pretty decent life for herself. My younger brother has vaulted into life after high school by starting his own business and exploring other entrepreneurial opportunities… They both constantly inspire and motivate me!
Favorite Bands?
HA… yeah I’m not spending all day writing this thing… There are A LOT!
If I had to quantify it, anything super grungy, early 90’s alt rock. I like the heavier stuff for sure,  but you would find the likes of Paul Simon right next to Queens of the Stone Age in my collection.
Favorite Movies?
The Warriors, Jurassic Park (the original), Lords of Dogtown (the FEEEEEELS), The Matrix Trilogy
…You’d be hard pressed to find a movie I can’t get some enjoyment out of!
Favorite Food?
Mexican food is my JAM!!
Describe the perfect day.
Hmmm… When it’s about 22 Degrees, with a 5 KM/hr gusting breeze and slightly cloudy (so the sun doesn’t beat down on you ALL day)
Pet Peeves?
OR Texting (excessively) when we’re hanging out. If you’d rather be somewhere else, with someone else, then you can leave.
Interesting work history?
I’ve had SO many joe-jobs but I’d have to say one of the more interesting was working up at Kearl Lake for Esso. It was pretty cool being in and around the heavy equipment and machinery. I guess it fulfilled some childhood wonder… Plus if you’re gonna live in Alberta, you should do a stint in the oil field, in my opinion. I think it gives a person a better scope of what ACTUALLY happens in the patch.
I’ve always said… life begins outside of the comfort zone, and I truly still believe that. 
In life, you need to be willing to take risks, do things that scare you, because it could be something (or someone) you end up falling in love with!
I’ll finish with a quote, because someone else already said it better than I could:
"To move to a new level in your life, you must break through your comfort zone and do things that are not comfortable." -T. Harv Eker

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