The Rig Morning Gig

These two wake up WAAYYY TOO EARLY every weekday because, well honestly they're a little insane... But, they love the community and they love entertaining, informing and attempting humour... Tune-in from 6-noon and let these two Ontario ex-pats fill your head with everything you'll need for those inevitable watercooler chats with James from accounting. Sorry James, but nobody wants to talk about your weekend-egg-salad-sandwich-making-spree.    


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Mary Rose: @maryrosejensen

Nick: @NickBoykiw

Rig's Rock History

Every morning at 6:40 you'll here what was happening in the world of Rock and Roll... Perfect conversation fodder!

Things That Don't Suck

We kick off the week by talking about stuff that doesn't suck. Maybe it was something from the week before, something coming up in the week ahead or maybe something that's just plain AWESOME! Let us know if something happened to you: 

Getting Weird Wednesday

Since we're complete odd balls, each Wednesday we'll share stories that may weird you out. Join in on the fun by calling in with your take on the weirdness!

What The Bleep Do You Know!?

Weekly trivia fun with a new theme each week. Call in to play and you could find yourself with a coffee in your hand, courtesy of the Morning Gig!

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